To ensure we are able to offer our clients trusted legal services outside Western Australia when needed and to get the best results for them regardless of jurisdiction, we are proud to be a member of Law Network Australia.

Law Network Australia is an association of independent, like-minded firms with offices in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. With a shared commitment to excellence in legal practice, Carroll & O’Dea (Sydney), Lempriere Abbott McLeod (Adelaide), Mullins Lawyers (Brisbane), Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson (Melbourne) and IRDI Legal (Perth), form a network offering clients an extensive range of legal services. Whilst operating independently, the member firms - and their clients - benefit from the sharing of information and the pooling of professional resources.

Through this association, we can offer our clients effective and quality legal representation throughout Australia. Where the services of one of our member firms is needed, we will arrange an introduction with the most appropriate practitioner for the client’s needs and ensure a smooth transition.

Law Network Australia