This week, ASIC has published a warning on its website regarding a scam targeting Australian business owners:

 Scammers purporting to be from ASIC have been targeting Registry customers with fake emails that attempt to obtain money and personal information.  The sophisticated email claims to be from the ‘ASIC Messaging Service’ with the subject line ‘Renewal’, from what appears to be a credible email address.  This warning is particularly relevant following the devastating cyber-attacks on businesses throughout Australia, the United States and Europe last month.

An example is as follows:

 Key Information

    • Your business name registration is due for renewal
    • Renew by credit card or request an invoice online using 'pay now'
    • You should cancel the business name if it is no longer needed

Dear customer

Your business name registration is due for renewal by 29/07/2017. You must renew the registration to continue using this business name and avoid cancellation.

You can find your account number and business name details, on this PDF copy of your renewal notice.

How to renew

Pay now is the quickest and simplest way to renew. Simply click the link to renew online:

Pay now - business name renewals


  1. enter your account number
  2. select a renewal period (1 or 3 years)
  3. pay using your credit card or request an invoice.

Need more help?

You can find more information including step-by-step user guides at []

Business name no longer needed?

Cancel it through ASIC Connect. To cancel see []


Lura Veader

Senior Executive Leader


Hovering over the link ‘renewal notice’ for example with your mouse shows the below link. This link when clicked may subject the recipient’s computer to malicious software which may attempt to extract money or sensitive data, or lead the recipient to a fraudulent invoice for payment. 

How can I find out more

If you receive anything like the example above, or any suspicious mail requesting additional monies or payments regarding your business, we recommend contacting your lawyer or the ASIC directly.For further information on this, please contact Russell Morley, Senior Lawyer at IRDI Legal