Leadership insights and future focuses


IRDI Legal treated 180 clients and employees to a cocktail celebration, at Frasers Restaurant Kings Park on 2nd November 2016, to commemorate the firm’s 30th anniversary and to share its historical journey, leadership insights and future focusses.

Gus Irdi, founding Director since 1986, attributed the firm’s success to the commitment of its employees and clients. “Without the formidable and loyal support of our employees and clients, both present and past, IRDI Legal would not be the force that it is today. We have been extremely fortunate to have employed many talented employees who have contributed to the business over considerable years. Our General Manager Lisa McCarthy has been instrumental in analysing the business, introducing rigorous reporting and financial systems and transforming the firm over the last 12 years from a small family concern to a corporate entity that now employs 43 people in Leederville, Western Australia. As I transition over the next few years to a different role in the firm, I am confident that my son Adrian Irdi, Co-Director, will continue the firm’s success to meet the new challenges which are facing every business.”

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Adrian Irdi highlighted the firm’s unique culture as pivotal to its success. “IRDI Legal occupies a unique place in the Western Australian legal industry. At its heart, it is still a family business, one that is built on the values of its founder Gus Irdi, which are hardwired into its very DNA. We have a great tradition to personally greet each other in the morning and farewell each other in the evening. This seemingly insignificant company ritual has a profound impact on how we interact and work together as a team to serve our clients.”

“Whilst our genesis is based on family values, IRDI Legal is now more than just a family business. Gone are the days of law firms and lawyers who seek to be a jack of all trades but master of none. We continually self-reflect and assess how we can improve, innovate and become more efficient. We have refined our focus to our core competencies in Property, Corporate & Commercial Law and Estate Planning and are delighted to have one of the largest retail leasing practices in Perth. Whilst our future focus is to increase client value through innovation, we are committed to maintaining our relationship connection to clients and employees as a cornerstone to our practice.”

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